Our Story

Dashi Shop is a new platform and community
shaping the futures of "dashi" and "umami".
Dashi is an elaborate Japanese soup stock
made from fish and kelp,
and umami is a savory flavor known as "the fifth taste".
Working with select professionals who make authentic dashi in Japan's distinctive climate,
we have launched Dashi Shop – a platform which introduces new flavors to the rest of the world.
Dashi Shop is a community where you can experience all sorts of umami flavors.
But it also works as a "dictionary", a source of inspiration and knowledge exchange.
It allows you to familiarize yourself with the latest in Japanese food culture,
as well as with traditional knowledge of dashi.
So far, opportunities to experience and understand authentic Japanese food culture
haven't reached the potential of where we believe they could be.
With Dashi Shop, we want to help you become familiar with the Japanese way of eating.
Dashi Shop will bring inspiring new umami flavors into your daily life.


Movie Title : Dashi Katachi - Essence of Japan
Photography : Yoko Takahashi
Special Thanks To : Landscape Products Co., Ltd.

January, 2015 / HEATH CERAMICS

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Dashi Shop is a collaborative project between Think Green Produce and Yagicho-Honten. Think Green Produce is an urban design firm working on projects based mainly in Tokyo. Yagicho-Honten is a traditional wholesaler of dashi with a 280-year history, founded in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district. In January 2015, Dashi Shop successfully organized the "Dashi Katachi" exhibition at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco. The event featured dashi and Japanese dishes, and also showcased the cooking utensils used to make these recipes.

We are excited to launch the first installment of the Dashi Shop project. Our website draws on the expertise that Yagicho-Honten has accumulated over the course of its long history. We hope it also opens up new conversations about Japanese food, looking at the past, the present, and the future in a fresh light.

yagicho-honten [English Website] http://yagicho-honten.tokyo [Japanese Website] http://www.yagicho-honten.jp
In 1737, the katsuo-bushi (dried bonito) store Yagicho-Honten was founded in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district. Since then, Yagicho-Honten has been selling high-quality dried marine and agricultural products, including katsuo-bushi, kombu (dried kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. These are all crucial ingredients in Japanese cooking, and you can use them to make authentic dashi. The staff at Yagicho-Honten have excellent expertise when it comes to selecting the finest quality products, and their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Yagicho-Honten is deeply trusted and supported by a number of distinguished clients, from long-established and renowned restaurants in Tokyo's Nihonbashi and Ginza districts, to Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury supermarkets. In November 2014, Yagicho Hyoe the 8th took up the position of Board Chairman. His oldest daughter, Mamiko Nishiyama, subsequently assumed the role of Yagicho Hyoe as the 9th generation to carry on the legacy. In the Dashi Shop project, Mamiko serves as supervisor on traditional dashi culture and materials.
THINK GREEN PRODUCE [Website] http://www.tgp.co.jp
Established in 2008, Think Green Produce is an urban design firm proposing fresh business opportunities around how to live a life full of comfort. Think Green Produce specializes in spearheading lifestyle projects inspired by the "Quality of Basics". They ask themselves, "What will be necessary for the future of urban living?" Driven by lifestyle needs, Think Green Produce conceptualizes, executes, and runs operations for businesses and restaurants inspired by the theme.

DIRECTOR : Sanaka Hitomi / Satoshi Kondo