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What is "dashi"?
Our answer goes a bit like this:
Dashi is a fundamental part of Japanese cuisine. It is a "simply soulful" soup. It plays a supporting and versatile role in creating the delightful yet complex flavors of many Japanese dishes.

Dashi is made from a mixture of ingredients, such as katsuo-bushi, kombu, and shiitake mushrooms. Over a long period of time, the Japanese have evolved this soup. This has led to the creation of many Japanese dishes, from home-cooked fare to traditional multi-course formal cuisine.

Every family loves tasting what they make in their own kitchens at home, and every high class Japanese restaurant has created their own professional and distinctive flavor.

It is said that 100 people have 100 different ways of extracting dashi. Dashi is profound: its taste depends entirely on how it is made. Finding your favorite dashi is like finding your favorite wine. Figuring out your own way of extracting dashi is as much fun as drip-brewing your own coffee.

Dashi Dictionary is a treasure trove of knowledge.
Here, you can discover the origins of dashi, learn about its particular details, and find out what's happening in Japanese food culture. We hope you will be inspired to bring the essence of diverse and rich Japanese food to your kitchen.

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